Who We Are

One year to the next, even one season to the next fashion undergoes a Kaleidoscopic change, Peeku Kochhar always designs outfits keeping in mind the latest trends in the fashion world both in India and abroad.

She has been in the business since the eighties, which originally started off with exhibitions and went on to developing a brand under the name of Passion with outlets in Delhi / Mumbai and Kolkata .In the last few years she has developed a market in Middle East / United Kingdom / United States

Peeku Kochhar attributes her success to a very simple formula that she adheres to very faithfully - Every time I design an Outfit I ask myself, is it good enough for me to wear? Will I be happy to wear this dress? There is no cutting corners anywhere…no short cuts. Using only the best quality material and accessories, also personally approve each garment. If not satisfied with something then don’t sell that particular piece. Guess this is the quality that attracts people.

Always working towards developing long term relationship with her customers and ensuring the best quality and customer satisfaction….